April ◇ Exciting! Sakura Tartar Chicken Nanban, Discerning Chicken Wings “Tanabata Course” All 8 items including 2.5H all-you-can-drink

April ◇ Exciting! Sakura Tartar Chicken Nanban, Discerning Chicken Wings “Tanabata Course” All 8 items including 2.5H all-you-can-drink

By using a coupon2980 yen(Tax excluded)

3980 yen by coupon use ⇒ 2980 yen (excluding tax)

The number of dishes
Maximum number of people
All-you-can-drink available
★ You can enjoy a wide variety of sake! + Draft beer for 300 yen + All-you-can-drink premium drinks including draft beer, local sake, branded shochu for 500 yen ♪

Special price, such as pre-sticking, fried food, cold dashi rolls, specialty chicken wings, dashi soup soy sauce udon etc. ♪ We will guide you from one person to large groups in a completely private room! + 500 yen `` 30 minutes extension '' + 300 yen for "Draft beer addition" + 500 yen for "Premium all-you-can-drink including draft beer, local sake and branded shochu" is the amount after using the coupon.

Course menu

~ Dishes all 8 dishes ~

【Pre-attached】 Edamame ~ Specialty Salt ~

[Appetizer] Seafood carpaccio

[Appetizer] Discerning cold soup roll

[Fried food] Heaping cheese potato fries

[Fried food] Chicken wings with the best sauce

[Strong Appetizer] Sakura Tartar Chicken Nanban

【〆】 Soy sauce Udon

【Sweetness】 Today's dessert

* ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ *

■ 2.5 hour system (30 minutes before LO)

■ Draft beer added for +300 yen + Premium drink all-you-can-drink including draft beer, local sake, branded shochu can be changed for +500 yen

■ It is possible to extend for 30 minutes at + 500 yen ♪

■ Other tickets can not be used together

■ The contents may be changed by purchase.

■ Please feel free to contact us for details.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Via cocktail
・ Wheat and hop, Shandigafu, lemon beer, cassis beer, cola beer, strawberry beer, melon beer, peachia, blue beer
・ Highball (Deers)
・ Highball, ginger highball, cola highball, strawberry highball, cassis highball, peach highball, blue curacao highball
・ Setouchi lemonade sour, raw squeeze lemon sour, punch lemon sour, lemon sour, limoncello sour, man plum sour, grapefruit sour, oolong high, green tea high, cassis sour, peach sour, blue curacao sour, strawberry sour, honey sour, sour, Honey apple sour
・ Shochu / Whiskey (Deers)
・ 【Shochu】 芋 ・ 麦 【whiskey】 single or double
・ Plum wine / plum wine cocktail
・ 【Umeshu】 Akameshu, Hakumeishu, Kuroumeshu, Special Umeshu 【Umekaku】 Pink grapefruit, peach and yuzu
· Japanese sake · local sake
・ Storage stock dry salmon ・ Cold (large, small)
· Wine / wine cocktail
・ Glass wine (red and white), sangria (red and white), keel, operator, kitty, cari mocho
・ Cassis (orange, soda, apple, grapefruit, lemon, oolong, decabita), peach (fuzzable nable, ginger, apple, lemon, oolong, decabita), Bombay sapphire (zintonic, zinback, ginlemon, gincola, orange blossom)
・ Lam high (Ram high (with cut lemon) ・ Ginger ・ cola ・ Oolong) Mojito (soda ・ ginger ・ squash ・ decabita ・ cola) Elystoph vodka
· Non-cock cocktail
・ Clear mint, strawberry soda, sunrise, yellow peach, marine blue, melon ball
·Soft drink
・ Oolong tea (ICE · HOT), green tea, grapefruit, orange juice, apple juice, ginger ale, lemon squash, Pepsi cola, Decavita C
Reservation deadline
Until 21 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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